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Getting Top-Ranked on Search Engines is a key ingredient to having a successful website and receiving increased internet traffic. Our Google Engage Clique is your roadmap to increasing website traffic.

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Clique Fuse, LLC is now offering affordable Google Adwords Management Services. Our Google Adwords Clique is your key to getting more website traffic.

listnlook business places web pages add seo quality backlinks to your business website and increased traffic.

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More and more small business owners are using listnlook's "business places web pages" as a great place to get quality backlinks and seo services, At $1.95 per month this is a can't miss opportunity to increase branding and website traffic.

clique fuse is now offering $100.00 towards any new google adwords campaign

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 Clique Fuse will manage your internet advertising campaigns for only $14.95 per month. Choose our Google and bing bundled service for only $28.95 per month and get a listnlook "Business Places Webpage" free for the life of your subscription.

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Website Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO:

If your website is not in the top rankings of Search Engines you are losing customers. Millions of searches are being made every day and if your not a part of those results your business will never be found. When was the last time you used a phone book for search?

Clique Fuse specializes in simple affordable SEO services for the small business community.  If you are a small business owner and your website is suffering from poor search engine ranking results; our Google Internet Marketing Program Google Engage Clique is your roadmap to increased rankings.

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We are strictly small business SEO services.  Clique Fuse will analyze and implement a plan to increase your websites traffic.  Consider us an external employee whose main objective is increasing search engine rankings and your websites traffic.  Most companies that do the same thing we do charge upwards of $150.00 per month.  Clique Fuse only charges $28.95 per month.

Our SEO services is a subscription pay per month service and you can unsubscribe anytime; no contract or obligations. Join the Clique Fuse Google Engage Clique and get results.

Website Marketing & Design

Google Engage
Price: $28.95 per month

Description: The Google Engage Clique combines SEO services with our Google Adwords Clique to give your SEO efforts a one two punch. Bundle with Social Media Marketing and save 20%.

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SEO Services Clique Fuse Provides

Google Internet Marketing Program

clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse will first analyze your website, make recommendations, and then implement a plan for changes.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse will work with your current website administrator or we can take over as your website administrator and designer.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse creates sitemaps and submits them to search engines.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse creates quality back links to increase search engine rankings and website visibility.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse will implement a Google Adwords campaign designed around your budget, target audience, and demographic area.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse also performs Social Media Marketing at an additional cost. Bundle our SEO services with Social Media services and receive a 20% discount.
Website Marketing & Design

Website Marketing & Design

Clique Fuse, LLC is a family-owned website design, SEO, SMM, and Google Adwords certified company. We specialize in small-business websites and promotions.

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Affordable services for the small business owner.

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Getting traffic to your site with affordable services

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Your business website is their first impression.

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Clique Fuse will increase your website traffic

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