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Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising is an affordable program designed to increase your websites traffic. Utilizing keywords on the Google Search Engine your website can receive geo-targetted traffic looking specifically for your business.

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Clique Fuse, LLC is now offering affordable Google Adwords Management Services. Our Google Adwords Clique is your key to getting more website traffic.

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clique fuse is now offering $100.00 towards any new google adwords campaign

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 Clique Fuse will manage your internet advertising campaigns for only $14.95 per month. Choose our Google and bing bundled service for only $28.95 per month and get a listnlook "Business Places Webpage" free for the life of your subscription.

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Clique Fuse Google Adwords Engage Services

Pay-Per-Click Advertising PPC:

Clique Fuse, LLC is a Google Engage Adwords Partner.  Our expertise provides you Adwords management at an affordable price.  Through PPC Adwords advertising you can put your advertisement in front of people searching specifically for your business in your geographic targeted region and only pay if they react to your advertisement by clicking on it.   Where else can you advertise your business with an affordable budget and only pay if the consumer responds positively to the advertisement?

Clique Fuse specializes in simple affordable Google Adwords Administration and Management services for the small business community.  If you are a small business owner and your time is worth money, consider hiring us to administer your Google Adwords advertising program.

We are strictly small business Google Adwords Administrators.  Clique Fuse will analyze and implement a plan to increase your websites traffic.  Consider us an external employee whose main objective is increasing your website traffic through Google Adwords.   Clique Fuse only charges $14.95 per month.  Other costs are what you pay Google for any clicks on your Adwords advertisements.

Our Adwords services is a subscription pay per month service and you can unsubscribe anytime; no contract or obligations. Join the Clique Fuse Adwords Engage Partner Clique and get results.

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Choose one clique price: $14.95 per month
Choose our low bundled price: $28.95 per month

Internet Advertising on search engines can increase your website traffic with clients that are searching for your business. Pay-Per-Click Advertising gets you geo-targeted keyword specific web traffic.

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Adwords Services We Provide

Affordable Advertising on the Internet

clique fuse website design check mark logo We handle start-up and or takeover Google Adwords Administration Services.
clique fuse website design check mark logo We will create Adwords campaigns designed to increase your websites traffic and conversion rate.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse creates Adwords advertising campaigns designed around your daily/monthly budget.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse offers 3 months Free on for any new Google Adwords customer.  Bundle the service with Bing Adcenter and get a free listnlook "Business Places Webpage" for as long as your subscribe to our internet advertising program. Many times Google offers Google Adwords special offers directly to you, if so please make sure you give us your code.
clique fuse website design check mark logo Clique Fuse will implement a Google Adwords campaign designed around your budget, target audience, and demographic area.

Not familiar with what Google Adwords are?  Google Adwords are the ads you see on many websites including on Google.  In fact look directly above our footer and you will see Google Adwords in action.  Simply put Google Adwords provides your company with a way to increase website traffic with people who are looking for you in your local area.

Clique Fuse can implement a plan to target your potential clients, in your demographic area, and with your desired budget.  By joining the Google Adwords Engage Partner Clique your website will get increased website traffic from people searching in your geo-targeted area by specific keywords for your business products or services.

Google Adwords Terms of Service

By working with us you agree to the current "Terms of Service" by Google AdWords.  Any traffic received through these accounts will be paid to Google by direct credit card billing to the credit card you provided Clique Fuse, LLC.  All Google Pay Pay Per Click ads are paid by you and not Clique Fuse, LLC.  The only charges by Clique Fuse, LLC directly to you is the $14.95 monthly subscription fee.  All other fees are paid directly to Google and you control your monthly budget.  Our leading competitors charge Thousands of Dollars for the same exact service - Clique Fuse, LLC has integrity and will not rip you off like our competitors are!

Our flat fee is designed to achieve a true partnership with your business.  Our goal is to increase your website traffic, maintain branding, and promote your business.  We look forward to working for you and acheiving your internet advertising goals.

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