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Our Marketing Cliques provide a clear and concise roadmap to getting your website more clicks and your business more customers. Our web nerds are here for you every step of the way. We even offer web design and administration.

google adwords pay per click advertising management services

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Clique Fuse, LLC is now offering affordable Google Adwords Management Services. Our Google Adwords Clique is your key to getting more website traffic.

listnlook business places web pages add seo quality backlinks to your business website and increased traffic.

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More and more small business owners are using listnlook's "business places web pages" as a great place to get quality backlinks and seo services, At $1.95 per month this is a can't miss opportunity to increase branding and website traffic.

clique fuse is now offering $100.00 towards any new google adwords campaign

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 Clique Fuse will manage your internet advertising campaigns for only $14.95 per month. Choose our Google and bing bundled service for only $28.95 per month and get a listnlook "Business Places Webpage" free for the life of your subscription.


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SEO, SMM, PPC, ListNLook, and Web Design:

Clique Fuse has five Cliques you can join.  Our Marketing Cliques provide a clear and concise roadmap to getting your website more clicks and your business more customers.  Our web nerds are here for you every step of the way.  We even offer web design and administration.

Google Internet Marketing Program Clique (Google Engage Clique) SEO Services

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SEO Search Engine Optimization: Our Google Engage Clique gets you on the forefront of the number one search engine in the world.  We analyze your company and it's current Google presence then we implement a plan.  The Google Engage Clique combines SEO services with our Google Adwords Clique to give your SEO efforts a one two punch.  We create a Pay-Per-Click Google Adwords campaign that specifically targets your market area and people specifically looking for your business.  You tell us your monthly budget and we achieve your goals.

Our Google Engage Clique Membership is a monthly subscription fee  with varied packages from minimum services to full services. Other costs are what you pay Google but you only pay if your Advertisement gets clicked and you set your maximum daily, monthly, and yearly budget. 

Most companies charge thousands of dollars to do the same thing.  At Clique Fuse we understand budgets and the tough economic situation facing many Small Business Owners.  We know this because we are a Small Business and face the same economy scale backs.  That is why we came up with a plan of action to help you cut your advertising budget and yet get better results for your dollar.

Social Media Clique

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SMM Social Media Marketing: Clique Fuse will also set up a Facebook, Blog, and Twitter  page for your company to take advantage of social media marketing.  We are here to help every step of the way and can even help provide content for your social media campaigns. Social Media Marketing keeps your companies website in a positive mode with Search Engine Optimization and helps in getting higher search engine rankings.

Webmaster Clique

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Web Design and Administration: If you are a small business owner and need a website or an upgrade to your current website then the Webmaster Clique is for you. Clique Fuse will take you from concept, to design, to implementation.

We are strictly small business web developers, we do not create complex and annoying websites.

Costs are $100.00 per page and will include a Free XML and TXT sitemap for Search engine optimization. If you prefer to pay us by the hour we charge $28.00 an hour.  For most website redesigns this is less expensive choice.  New website owners should choose our $100.00 per page option as it usually represents a 50% discount to what you would pay if you chose the pay per hour option.

For more information fill out our form and once received we will give you a full proposal.

Webmaster Clique More Information and Proposal Form.

Web Sites we have designed and maintain:
A website that offers fsbo, frbo, vhrbo, and home service directories and business advertising.
A website that is for a Virginia based deck builder and construction company.
A website that is for a hot tub service and repair company located in Maryland.
A website that is for a Virginia based Cheerleading Instruction Gym

Websites we are currently working on:

Google Engage Advertising Agency

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PPC Pay-Per-Click: If you don't have the budget or need for our SEO services (Google Engage Clique) consider just using our Adwords Clique.  At only $14.95 per month this Clique is a no brainer.

If you are new to Google Adwords; Clique Fuse can offer you 3 months Free on when you join this program.  This is an added value no other company can offer! We also have $100 of Google paid advertising once you spend $25.00 with Google. Business Places Clique

listnlook business directory
ListNLook Business Places WebPages: We acquired to uniquely offer companies a place they can inexpensively advertise their business to their specific target audience.  Our Business Places WebPages are in the top ten of major search engines and help raise your websites search engine rankings .

The benefit to the ListNLook Clique member is they are in the front of searches in their geographic target and clients looking for the services they provide.  Our Unique ListNLook Business Places WebPages offer quality back links (called link building)to your current website which helps in Search Engine Rankings.  If you don't have a website the Business Places WebPages may be all you need to get your company noticed and quality leads from the internet.

The ListNLook Clique is a subscription service and we have three pay-per-month plans. If you own or manage a Home Service Company take the time and learn more about this great clique fuse clique by visiting The Clique

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