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Over 70% of your potential customers are using the internet first to find your business. We develop an internet presence for small business owners to rival that of big corporations.

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Clique Fuse, LLC is now offering affordable Google Adwords Management Services. Our Google Adwords Clique is your key to getting more website traffic.

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More and more small business owners are using listnlook's "business places web pages" as a great place to get quality backlinks and seo services, At $1.95 per month this is a can't miss opportunity to increase branding and website traffic.

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 Clique Fuse will manage your internet advertising campaigns for only $14.95 per month. Choose our Google and bing bundled service for only $28.95 per month and get a listnlook "Business Places Webpage" free for the life of your subscription.

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About Us

In the Beginning:

Clique Fuse, LLC was founded on the concept of making advertising on the Internet affordable. The Clique Fuse motto: "Working to get you clicks" is about getting your company more website traffic.  More and more business is taking place over the Internet, an incredible tool that saves us time, money, energy, and maximizes opportunities for people to access each other and each others products and services -- from all over the world, with a click of a button. Without quality website traffic your message and branding is lost.

Today, whether you are selling a product, or providing a supportive business service, you cannot maximize your customer/buyer base if you do not maximize your internet presence. Just like any good marketing tool, it is important to be seen in the best possible light. You want your product or business to be showcased in a manner that compliments your business and marketing criteria. Utilizing Google, the number one search engine; Clique Fuse is helping small business' worldwide get noticed.

More and more people are opting to use Google for searching for products and business services. If your company is not taking advantage of Google you are being missed. By joining our Google Internet Marketing Program Clique we will help you get fused to the Internet and save you time, money, and headaches. Go to our service page to learn more.

The Growing Years:

Clique Fuse started with a directory service website for listing real estate for sale by owner and a geo-targeted business directory.  That website has propelled Clique Fuse into offering more services including business website marketing.  The ListNLook Clique provides a unique opportunity for many business service companies to get recognized on a unique website.  Clique Fuse plans on expanding's service directory so if you currently do not see your business - just ask?

Since the start of ListNLook new business marketing startegies have evolved for the Internet.  Clique Fuse added those services at an affordable price to help small business owners take advantage of the Internet.  Clique Fuse offers five Cliques you can join.  Our Marketing Cliques provide a clear and concise roadmap to getting your website more clicks and your business more customers.  Our web nerds are here for you every step of the way.  We even offer web design and administration.

Where we're going:

Clique Fuse continues to expand marketing services for small business owners. The U.S. economy has left many small business owners scratching their heads and wondering how they can compete with big business. The Clique Fuse business model is to provide your business with a competent and dedicated external employee whose main mission is to get your website more traffic while maintaining your branding image.

Owner Bio:

picture of clique fuse President and owner David Robertson  (The Head Nerd): The founder of Clique Fuse, David Robertson.  David first started his business career working for the family business.  In 1993 David saw the need for small business retirement planning and started a financial planning career. 

While retirement planning is necessary David found a bigger demand for small business' to compete for traffic on the internet.  David started building websites when he saw the necessity for the family business way back in 1990.  Having built and marketed websites before David set out to help all small business owners achieve Internet success.




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